Man Ambulance Mod For Bus Simulator Indonesia - Sourav Gaming

Man Ambulance Mod For Bus Simulator Indonesia - Sourav Gaming

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Game Name: Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID)

Mod Name: Man Ambulance Mod Bussid

Mod Status: Free

Mod Variant: Standard

Mod Animation: Full

Top Speed: 200+

File Size: 5.9 MB

File Type: .zip

Game Version: 3.7.1 & Up

Mod Credits: Unknown

Mod Description: This is a Man Ambulance Mod For Bus Simulator Indonesia (Android Game). This is a amazing Man Ambulance Mod For Bussid. In this mod you will get mini Ambulance Mod. Controlling of this Ambulance is very smooth. Dashboard of this ambulance mod is so premium. Sound system are soo amazing. Hope you guys enjoy this Bussid Ambulance Mod. Soo quickly download this New Man Ambulance Mod and drive this Ambulance Mod In Bus Simulator Indonesia Game.

Download Popular Mod For BUSSID Game:

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The download link is given below. Please watch the review video below before downloading this Ambulance Mod Bussid. Download and Enjoy this fantastic Man Ambulance Mod For Bus Simulator Indonesia For Free.

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Google Drive & Sharemods download link is given below. Click on the link to download.

Google Drive/download/button/#ff2a00 ShareMods/download/button/#ff2a00

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